Good News Convention Centre
Tariffs, Effective January 2014
(prices subject to change)


1. En-suite Rooms.We have 48 en-suite rooms with normal accommodation for 96 people (2 each).
2. Communal Rooms.We have a total of 20 communal rooms with normal accommodation of 80 people (4 each). These have shared bathroom facilities.

3. Family en-suite rooms.There are four family rooms and each includes 2 single beds and one bunk-bed allowing for a total of 16(4 each). each of the family rooms have a shower and toilet inside.

4. ChaletsWe have 5 chalets with 4 single beds each.

5. College communal.There are a futher 16 communal rooms housing a total of 63 persons with shared bathroom facilities. 15 have 2 bunk beds and 1 has a single and a bunk-bed.

6. Other There is other accommodation that can be made availble from time to time. This includes student housing and the number of beds varies. The number of people in each room can also be increased

Sound and Internet

1. Sound Equipment.if sound equipment is required please request quotation from reservations office

2. Internet. internet access is available at an extra charge.


Accommodation Price pps Price Single
En-suite R220 R350
Communal R160
Family En-suite R190
Chalets R220 R350

B.Meals (all meals include tea/coffee/and or juice)

Breakfast R59
Lunch R72
Supper R95
Brunch R75
Packed Lunch R55
Teas with Eats R18
Just Tea/Coffee R12
Special Needs Meals R20 extra per person per meal
C.Auditorium and Meeting rooms – Includes the set-up of chairs and tables.
Style Price Per Person
Cinema Style R25 pp
Convention Style R32 pp
D.Other charges
Day Visitors R20pp
Extra Mattress R100 pp per day depending on room

Note:pps = Per Person Sharing
pp = per person

Some Other Important Information

1. We reserve the right to take more than one group at a time. Arrangements can be made for larger groups (200 persons or more) to book the centre for their sole use. (T&C apply).

2. If more then one group is using the facility we do ask that a noise curfew of 22:00 (10:00 pm) be observed, particularly in the case of the Protea meeting hall as the sound carries and people wishing to sleep in the adjoining rooms are unable to do so. An unwillingness to abide by the spirit of the noise curfew may result in the group being asked to leave the Centre.

3. Breakages and loss are the responsibility of the group booking the centre, this includes the loss of towels, bedding etc. In the case of youth groups a breakage/loss deposit will be requested and should there be no breakages/loss the full deposit will be refunded in full within 7 days after departure.

4. All reservations are provisional and will not be considered confirmed unless the deposit has been paid within the specified time.

5. If necessary, and by arrangement, the number of occupants per room can be increased. There is a charge for extra mattresses.

6. Apart from the tables and chairs and setting for meals etc, GNCC staff are not responsible for the "build-up" or "break-down" of equipment, decor and other set-up required by guests for their special purposes. If staff are required to work beyond their normal hours there will be an extra charge.

7. It is important to hold to set meal times. Staff are on a tight schedule.

8. Full payment is requested before the group leaves the Centre.

9. We do have Credit Card/ Debit card facilities. Large sums of cash are not accepted on-site.

10. The Good New Convention Centre is a division of the Nazarene Theological College on whose campus we are located and as such we respect all aspects of College life.